One of the best health trends I fol­lowed this year has been jump­ing onto the Acai Bowl Wag­on; Who else is guilty of being addict­ed?

For those of you who don’t know what Acai bowls are it’s basi­cal­ly a smooth­ie- in- a- bowl topped with gra­nola, fresh fruit, and depend­ing on the kind; you can get top­pings like goji berries, dates, cocoa nibs and so forth. The base of smooth­ie is made with acai which is a super­food with antiox­i­dant prop­er­ties. There are three words that describe these bowls: Sim­ple, deli­cious and nutri­tious.

Recent­ly I dis­cov­ered the com­pa­ny Axios; it’s the ULTIMATE juice bar/ day spa I’ve found here in Tal­la­has­see. Axios is a cute quaint well­ness cen­ter that real­ly focus­es on heal­ing from the inside out. They offer fresh juices, smooth­ies, and the beloved acai bowls. The best part, you can show up with your friends and par­take in the salt ther­a­py room/chamber, bask in an array of mas­sages, bare it all with wax­ing and top things off with a facial that’ll leave you glow­ing.

Upon enter­ing you are wel­comed with the juice bar that offers dif­fer­ent kinds of fresh juices, smooth­ies, and acai bowls. Most juice shops in town have the prepack­aged acai and juices that is usu­al­ly laden with sug­ar. How­ev­er, Axios goes the extra mile and  makes it right in front of you. Trust me, this is what you want when choos­ing a juice bar! There’s no added sug­ars just fresh blend­ed fruit.

Every bowl I have tried has been noth­ing short of amaz­ing, but my favorite bowl from them has been the Bee-nut But­ter Bowl, which is topped with goji berries, banana, hon­ey, fresh berries, and gra­nola. The base is made with Acai juice, banana, strawberries,blueberries, bee pollen almond but­ter, and cacao pow­der.  It’s by far the most eclec­tic bowl I’ve tast­ed to date. The best part is the bowls are enough to leave you feel­ing sati­at­ed at a very rea­son­able price point.

Ooo la-la Spa time!

The first ser­vice they offer is the salt room and the salt cham­ber. One is a room sur­round­ed by himalayan salt  for you and your friends to get the heal­ing ben­e­fits while still social­iz­ing and the oth­er is a con­cen­trat­ed cham­ber that allows you to deeply relax alone.

I’ll admit I had slight appre­hen­sion about going into the salt ther­a­py cham­ber. My prac­ti­cal side was skep­ti­cal about how spend­ing 25 min­utes in a bed of salt would help me expe­ri­ence health ben­e­fits quick­ly. Nonethe­less, I went in with an open mind because I want­ed to try it out so I could give you all an accu­rate descrip­tion of exact­ly what I felt. Let me tell you all, I was sur­prised at how reju­ve­nat­ed I felt after­wards! My nose wasn’t stuffy pri­or to enter­ing but with­in 5 min­utes I felt mucous being released from my nasal pas­sage and had a burst of ener­gy as well. It tru­ly felt like a day at the beach!

Wait, What’s Salt therapy?

Salt ther­a­py is deeply ben­e­fi­cial for your mood and health. The salt has neg­a­tive­ly charged ions that draw tox­ins and impu­ri­ties out of the body. The salty atmos­phere has the effects of puri­fy­ing the lungs and help­ing to release mucus, improve sinus con­ges­tion and aller­gies. Also, the skin is being puri­fied so con­di­tions like acne can be improved (hel­lo, sum­mer skin!)

If you want to height­en your relax­ation you can take it a step fur­ther with a mas­sage and a facial. They have mas­sages that address your every need.

Massage Services

Some mas­sage ser­vices they offer are:

  1. Halother­a­py mas­sage( Salt mas­sage)
  2. Ther­a­peu­tic mas­sage
    1. Mul­ti­ple body areas to be treat­ed
  3. Bend & Twist Stretch­ing
    1. Improve flex­i­bil­i­ty
  4. Ath­let­ic Edge mas­sage Ther­a­py
    1. Mas­sage for ath­letes to relax and length­en tight mus­cles
  5. Youth mas­sage
    1. For ages 5–13
  6. Reflex­ol­o­gy
    1. Acti­vates reflex points on the hands and feet that heals and detox the body
  7. Hot lava mas­sage

Facial Services

And my favorite part is the the facial ser­vices! Because Axios is deeply focused on well­be­ing they set the stan­dard by offer­ing all organ­ic facials fea­tur­ing Emi­nence Prod­ucts. Emi­nence prod­ucts  are free of parabens, ani­mal by-prod­ucts, sul­fates, harm­ful col­orants, and min­er­al oils. Bassi­cal­ly, it only has the good stuff! They offer ser­vices for all skin types, acne­ic, sen­si­tive skin, dry, aging and hyper­pig­ment­ed skin. Some ser­vices are:

  1. Teen acne Facials
  2. Fire and Ice facial
    1. Uses a hot and cold tech­nique that helps to plump, firm, and oxy­genate the skin
  3. Enzyme peel
    1. Removes dead skin cells, reduce the appear­ance of pig­men­ta­tion, fine lines, and sun dam­age
  4. Derma­plan­ing
    1. Advanced exfo­li­a­tion that removes dead skin cells and vel­lus hair.

I promise after leav­ing Axios you’ll feel like you’ve got­ten the cozi­est of hugs that you want to last for­ev­er. If you are in the Tal­la­has­see area give Axios a try. I promise you won’t be dis­ap­point­ed. If you aren’t in the Tal­la­has­see area and want to give acai bowls a try look for places that actu­al­ly blend the bowls in front of you instead of prepack­aged acai.

They are locat­ed at:

1122 Thomasville Rd #3 Tal­la­has­see, FL 32303  

You can learn more about Axios here

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This post was done in collaboration with Axios, but I wholeheartedly believe in this small business and what they represent to the health and wellness community. All opinions are my own and this collab means so much to me because it is my very first one :) 

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