Stories that make life worth Living

Stories that make life worth Living

Throughout my life’s journey, I’ve encountered situations that have left footprints on my soul. I often reflect on these impressions as I journey through life. It is these stories that remind me whats important, and to always live my best life.I hope these two stories will encourage you to live your life as well.  

Living Fearlessly in Rio De Janerio

June 2016
Live Your LifeThe other day in Rio I met this guy named Tim. Tim was from Australia and had traveled to many different countries. After a brief conversation, I would learn that Tim suffered from Huntington’s disease. Hunningtons is a disease that attacks the nerves in your brain affecting motor skills and speech.
I watched as his whole body made jerky and choppy movements as he struggled to take a photo of the scenery. Indubitably people stared in confusion. Some probably curious to why his movements were so erratic. Others probably feeling pity for him. I’ll admit, I was one of the curious ones, but it didn’t take long for me to know what disease he was suffering from being I had just read about it a few weeks prior. After curiosity came the astonishment. What astonished me was this–He didn’t relinquish control or let his disease stop him from LIVING. He wasn’t embarrassed nor did he pity himself because of this disease; instead he decided to live fearlessly by traveling the world before his disease took complete control of his motor skills. Even if that meant accompanying the stares of others and possibly having to explain his disease to others for their comfort.
I say that to say this, most of us are not affected by a disease yet we choose to exist but not to LIVE. We sit at home while we let life pass us by. Why is it that something tragic has to happen before we choose to appreciate and take advantage of life? Why is it that we are living unfulfilled lives? Why is that we aren’t living life to the fullest? Why is that we allow fear to consume us to the point we don’t even attempt to reach our goals?
I think we can all learn a thing or two from Tims story.

                                         A Grandmother’s Tale

July 2015
Live your lifeDeath is never an easy topic of discussion. What is seen as the greatest evil turns out to be the greatest teacher. I know no amount of words could ever stop the pain and agony you’re feeling for what’s to come. It’s never easy of the thought of losing someone and of course, it makes you sad because you’ll never be able to see, hear, or touch them again. However, I believe a change of perspective could allow you all to see things from a different point of view and possibly make it just a “little” easier.
Over the course of these past few days, GRANDMA as I know or Joann to others has become the most fearless person I know. She has chosen not to suffer any longer and go on home. To me, that shows undeniable courage and strength. To say, ” I’ve done everything God has commanded; I bore 7 children, raised them to the best of my ability, gave and received love, followed Gods commandments and lived spiritually. Now I’m ready to go home and be with the lord.” To me, that is the bravest thing I’ve ever witnessed. Here’s why, if an angel were to come to you in the middle of the night and tell you, your last day will be in the next two days. Most people will plead for more time.
” But wait! I haven’t fulfilled all of my deepest desires. I don’t want to die!” they’ll say.
Imagine how you’d go about treating your loved ones, an argument will not even phase you because you know it’ll be the last time you hear their voice. When you walk outside you’ll notice things you never noticed before because you were so consumed in your daily activities. So why not live like this always? If, you would live your life to the fullest potential in your last week.
Then, what are you doing with the rest of your time? Wasting it? Treating it like it’s not something precious?
That’s why grandma is inspiring to me; She is in a place of contentment with what she’s done here on earth. This is what we should all strive for when our day comes. She is not only brave but also wise, she completely embraces the reality, inevitably, and unpredictability of death. I think we can all learn something from Grandma’s situation: to LIVE each day wholeheartedly so when death knocks on our door we can fully welcome it.
RIP May 25, 2015

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