The Journey to Realizing your Dreams

The jounrey to realizing your dreams

Life can be tricky.

Some­times we know what is we want, but don’t have a clue how to get there. Oth­er times, we have no idea what the fuck we are sup­posed to do with our pre­cious time giv­en to us on earth. Then, final­ly, we feel we have achieved our call­ing– fig­ured out what it is we are meant to do. Only to wake up one day and real­ize this “isn’t me” at all.


Life is fun­ny like that. All the moments are just pieces to a puz­zle lead­ing and nav­i­gat­ing you along the way to your true call­ing, but some­times being stuck in fear and look­ing in the wrong direc­tions can cause us to become stressed about how to move for­ward.

I know this all too well. It has been my life for the past four to five months.

Some of you may recall In August  I decid­ed to leave my teach­ing job in Korea due to men­tal health rea­sons and to pur­sue my true dreams of becom­ing a Natur­o­path­ic doc­tor. For those of you who are unaware, a natur­o­path­ic doc­tor is a doc­tor that treats patients on a holis­tic lev­el pro­vid­ing nat­ur­al modal­i­ties to heal the patient. I decid­ed to pur­sue this path because I have an affin­i­ty for health and help­ing those in the com­mu­ni­ty heal and be their own hero– hence the name of the blog lol.

Appre­hen­sive and anx­ious i decid­ed to pur­sue my jour­ney to become a natur­o­path­ic doc­tor. To accom­plish this dream it required me to take a year of sci­ence pre­req­ui­sites then apply to one of the sev­en natur­opa­thy schools for a dura­tion of four years. Amount­ing to a whop­ping five years. Although, the tim­ing was dread­ful, after all, who wants to go to school for 5 years at the age of 25, not me! But, then i remem­bered that those 5 years were going to pass any­way and I might as well be doing some­thing i love.

So I came back to my alma mater Flori­da State Uni­ver­si­ty to com­plete the year of sci­ence perquisites. I was excit­ed and tru­ly felt I was on the right track to ful­fill­ing my des­tiny. Let me clar­i­fy, my dream is to one day own a well­ness cen­ter that address­es all of the clien­t’s health con­cerns. it will be a one-stop shop. So let’s say, you come in with a skin care con­cern you will be seen by a natur­o­path­ic doctor/herbalist/functional med­i­cine doc­tor to address the root cause. Then based on the pro­to­col that is giv­en you will be able to be seen by our estheti­cian and even have access to steam rooms, saunas, hydrother­a­py, and oth­er treat­ments.

I thought the one way to accom­plish this mon­u­men­tal dream was to become a natur­o­path­ic doc­tor.

Being back these past few months have taught me a lot about the beau­ty of the uncer­tain­ty in life. And that there are “jew­els” in the shape of peo­ple, recur­rent num­bers, strangers help­ing you to reach your end goal.

These past few months in school have been stress­ful. I real­ly have to com­mend sci­ence majors, because it is A LOT of hard work– it was by far the most chal­leng­ing cours­es i have ever tak­en. I was deter­mined to get to my end goal of becom­ing a natur­o­path­ic doc­tor or so i thought.

God planting Omens in my Path  

One day, my best friend Christi­na called me, she always has my best inter­est in heart. So I was total­ly recep­tive when she shared her hon­est opin­ion about my jour­ney to natur­opa­thy school. She felt that med­ical school would be a bet­ter path because I could help change the sys­tem of health­care. Also, be able to spread the nat­ur­al heal­ing process more effec­tive­ly by being a med­ical doc­tor. Hon­est­ly, what she said stuck, but i did have some appre­hen­sions about med­ical school.


  •  are doc­tors open to dif­fer­ent heal­ing approach­es? Would I get black­list­ed for offer­ing an alter­na­tive solu­tion?
  • Would i thor­ough­ly enjoy the prac­tice of med­i­cine?
  • Was I equipped enough to actu­al­ly be a med­ical doc­tor?
  • Did I real­ly want to go to school for eight long years?


So, I did the next best thing, I sought out med­ical doc­tors and stu­dents and begin inter­view­ing them about their expe­ri­ence. My goal was to fig­ure out the “right” route i was sup­posed to take, but all it did was con­fuse me even more.  Every day, I plead­ed with God to bring me some sort of clar­i­ty, was i meant to pur­sue the unknowns of natur­opa­thy, was I sup­pose to be an inte­gra­tive doc­tor, acupunc­tur­ist or med­ical doc­tor.  I just did not know! Every day, i talked about it with my close friends and boyfriend hop­ing they could shed some light on what it was i was meant to do all to no avail.

The journey to realizing your dreams

Remembering what I love

Until one day my friend Jen­nise accom­pa­nied me to get a facial. Jen­nise is my soul sis­ter her spir­it a reflec­tion of my own. She’s inter­est­ed in becom­ing an estheti­cian and on that day she had a tour with Ave­da ( the beau­ty school) she asked if i want­ed to join. I decid­ed to tag along and it was A DREAM. The ther­a­peu­tic envi­ron­ment was invit­ing. I was in awe of watch­ing the peo­ple get facials and see­ing the stu­dents engrossed in learn­ing how to do it.

This expe­ri­ence remind­ed me of my first love, skin care. Skin­care has always been my first love since I was a lit­tle girl. I want­ed to pur­sue skin­care but always felt like my skin was­n’t per­fect enough to be an estheti­cian, but that was then and this was now. It def­i­nite­ly left an imprint to poten­tial­ly pur­su­ing esthi­ol­o­gy. Still, I knew i need­ed to cou­ple that with a deep­er heal­ing tech­nique to address real issues lying in the body. Which brought me back to the men­tal fight of which path was best.

Anoth­er friend sug­gest­ed I make a pro’s and con’s list of going to natur­opa­thy school. After list­ing out the pros and cons i had a strong inkling that I’d come out regret­ting hav­ing had gone to natur­opa­thy school. Let’s be real, I did­n’t want to strug­gle for anoth­er 4 years and live off of loans to fund myself through and med­ical school was a hard no for me.

I want­ed to help peo­ple and I want­ed to help them now! I knew there had to be a bet­ter alter­na­tive suit­ed for my jour­ney.

The Realization

one night upon research­ing I came across clin­i­cal herbal­ism which proved to be very sim­i­lar to natur­opa­thy sans the for­mal doc­tor title, 100,000 in loans, and the use of tech­ni­cal ter­mi­nol­o­gy. Clin­i­cal herbal­ism is, using the appro­pri­ate herbal pro­to­cols and nat­ur­al prod­ucts to sup­port and rebal­ance the body and restore vital­i­ty for gen­er­al health and well being.

It made sense to take this path; herbal­ism mesh­es well with my goas. And while i feel like i let those down who were expect­ing me to become a doc­tor; per­son­al­ly it was­n’t plau­si­ble for me to take that route. I had to give myself a real­i­ty check, that this path is my own. And at the age of 25, of course, I don’t know what hell I’m doing! I’m just nav­i­gat­ing the world like every­one else.

What I’m say­ing is, all of this hap­pened because it was meant to. It was meant for me to come back to my alma mater because while natur­opa­thy was­n’t the path for me I was­n’t too far off from my true call­ing: becom­ing a clin­i­cal herbal­ist pos­si­bly cou­pled with esthi­ol­o­gy

So to those of you who are figuring out your life’s journey, as I believe is a constant thing we all are doing.

A path is a track laid down to walk on. A path implies there’s only one way, a pre­con­ceived sin­gu­lar course. Well, guess what? there is no such thing as ONE path. There are infi­nite routes to a sat­is­fy­ing, uplift­ing, life. What­ev­er deci­sion you make—and have made before—you’re on the right path. It’s all “the path.” Stand glee­ful­ly in the con­fu­sion because the only way not to be con­fused is to get through the uncer­tain­ty. The feel­ing of the unknown is just a part of it.

As always, hon­or your­self, your intu­ition, and flow with the cur­rent of life, not against it.

A strong thank you to those who played a part in help­ing me fig­ure things out, whether you knew it or not. Thank you to the love of my life: my boyfriend, my best friend Christi­na, soul sis­ter Jen­nise, and friend Vyse and many oth­ers who offered encour­ag­ing advice and sup­port. Love you guys!

The journey to realizing your dreams


Share in the comments how you came to realize your dreams? Or what are you mentally battling with when it comes to your dreams?

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