How to Slay your Braids without the ‘Itch’

How to Slay your Braids without the ‘Itch’

Natural hair is beautiful but wash days are a bitch! Dedicating a whole day to pre-poo, wash, condition, treat, and style your hair is the norm. But, let’s be honest natural hair is a full-time job– one in which, we like to take time off from. Especially with summer right around the corner!


Most of our go-to protective styles are braids,plaits and twists. Enduring 4-6 hours of braid time is totally worth it because it reduces constant manipulation and aids in growth retention of the hair. After all, the goal is to preserve your hair from damage since it is a valuable possession.

I’ve been wearing braids and plaits since I was a little girl. It was an easy way to grow my hair and keep it looking nice for a long period of time.

Although I enjoyed the intricate designs and long tresses I can’t help but remember my scalp profusely itching coupled with the aching from the tightness; this made the first few days miserable.

Ice and anti-itch braid spray were my best attempt at putting out the wildfire that was dancing its way through my scalp.

I just sucked up the uncomfortableness to being part of the black girl hair experience.

Until I started connecting the dots…..

What’s in Braiding Hair?

The braiding hair I was using (kanekelon, expressions) was actually an irritant to my scalp and with good reason.

Synthetic braiding hair is coated with Akaline Lye. The manufacturer distributes this chemical to produce a wear or heat resistant product.

However, this process is what leaves those tiny bumps at the nape of your neck and around your hairline. Also, it causes the scalp to get irritated, dry and itchy.

Don’t fret! I’m not telling you to give up the beautiful protective styles and if I did how many of you would listen? lol

You can still wear them but you can choose one or two options to get the most out of your protective styleswithout the irritation

Option 1: Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

You can remove the alkaline lye that causes irritation by soaking it in apple cider vinegar.

  • Obtain a bowl large enough to place hair in
  • Fill the bowl with warm water adding a cup of ACV
  • Place hair into the bowl for 20 minutes
  • Remove the hair when you see the white film appear
  • dump the acv mixture and rinse the hair with warm water
  • Squeeze excess water and let the hair air dry.
  • you will notice a white film and thats the akaline lye.

Option 2: Antibacterial Hair

Antibacterial braiding hair

I recently got my hair done and found a better alternative to soaking hair. Hair that is antibacterial and pre-stretched. For the first time in my life, I actually, feel my hair is being protected and not irritated. There’s absolutely no crazy itching sensation and the hair is smooth and lightweight.

How to Slay Your braids without the irritation

Ladies, be aware and slay on without the added irritation!

Have you experienced any irritation from braiding hair? Share below in the comments.

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