Are Your Vitamins Poisoning You?

When I was 13 years old my sister took me to the doctor to have my Iron levels checked. She had an inkling that one of my vitamin levels were low because I ALWAYS wore a jacket. It could be blistering hot and there I would be; warm and cozy in one of my many hooded jackets.

When the lab results came back I was, in fact, deficient in Iron. She told my sister and I this could be easily remedied by taking an Iron Supplement. She made out a prescription and let us know we could get the vitamin brand at any of the major pharmacy stores like Walgreens and CVS as long as we adhered to the correct IU level she prescribed.

Weeks later, my energy was through the roof! I made sure I took the small red vitamin every morning. This little pill opened up a new world of constant energy ( as if my 13-year-old body didn’t have enough of that, to begin with).


I wholeheartedly believed I was doing right by my body, but little did I know I wasn’t giving my body any extra nutrients as the bottle and my doctor claimed.

The same vitamin that was prescribed by a doctor to elevate iron levels was playing tug a war on my system. Giving false nourishment and adding to the toxic load in my body. That new found energy I was experiencing was actually just a sugar high.

What most people don’t know is not every vitamin is created with wholesome, organic and effective ingredients. Shockingly most supplements on the shelves are filled with toxic ingredients. Yet, the majority of doctors make out your prescription for commonly known vitamin brands such as Rexall, Century and Spring Valley. Or even suggest, you pick up any vitamin that reads the prescribed IU from Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens.

But when it comes to our health we have to be a lot more cautious about what vitamins we are allowing into our system.

What are in these commonly used Vitamins:

When it comes to food, products, supplements and anything you put on or into your body. You always want to double check the ingredient list even if the front of the package says things like, “Natural” or “Organic”.

Here’s why:

So here we have a “Vitamin” that reads “Natural Orange Flavor Chewable” because the word Natural is present on the front of the bottle so many people will buy into the marketing trap that it’s a decent vitamin.

Most of us don’t even think to check the ingredient list because of the sole purpose of it being a vitamin; how much harm can a vitamin cause anyway? After all, it’s role is suppose to be to supply nourishment to the body so it can function optimally.

But it’s a whole different ball game when you turn that “Natural” supplement over and zoom into the ingredient list.

Ingredients: Surcose, Cellulose, FD&C Yellow No.6 Lake, Natural Flavor, Silica, Vegetable Magnesium Sterate, Vegetable Steric Acid.

Sucrose:  This is the very first ingredient labeled on this supplement, sucrose is simply sugar; that means this “Vitamin” is a sugary mess! There’s already too much sugar lurking in our day to day foods. We don’t need added sugars in our vitamin too. After all, sugar contributes to our increasing rise in cancer, heart disease and inflammation in the body.

FD&C Yellow No.6:  Seriously, if you see anything with colors or numbers it’s usually a warning to steer clear. This ingredient is a dye, this one, in particular, can cause nasal damage and it’s bain many many other countries.  It has caused tumors in the kidneys and adrenal glands of laboratory animals. It’s found in American cheese, macaroni and cheese, candy, and carbonated beverages.

Magnesium Stearate/Stearic acid: this chalk like substance can cause possible harm to your intestine, which can prevent absorption of nutrients. Again, what’s the point of taking supplements if we are depleting them with these harmful chemicals.

So what Brands have the good stuff?

Don’t worry I got you! There’s a new supplement created every day and it can be tedious sifting through what’s a good brand and what’s not. Below, are brands I use religiously and swear by. Now, you may notice that some of these brands are priced higher than the commonly known brands, and I am sure you can understand why.

The bad stuff is laden with cheap chemically processed ingredients while the ones I list below are fully intact with REAL ingredients. I’m aware that not everyone has money to splurge on fancy smancy vitamins so I’ve listed reasonable brands as well. I told you I got you!

Pure Encapsulations

Gaia Herbs



Garden of Life

These just represent a few of a staple brands I purchase from, but there are many other reliable brands to choose from. Just be sure to fact check the ingredient list so you won’t end up on a sugar high thinking it’s giving you wings like red bull lol.

If you aren’t sure about a supplement and would like more help my instagram DM’s, messenger, and email is always open. Or feel free to leave a comment below to share your concerns.

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