About Ronicha

Why Health + Wellness


I became passionate about the organic lifestyle about 5 years ago after a bad run-in with a dermatologist.( I’ll have a blog post on this soon). After failing to inform me on proper protocol about the prescribed drug and seeing the effects of his lack of responsibility as a healthcare profession. I knew it was time for me to take my health into my own hands. Thereafter, I proceeded to research night and day about the foods I was eating, medicines I was taking, and the skin and hair care products I was using. I knew I wanted to live a toxin-free lifestyle.
It took awhile to implement these changes and is still an ongoing process to my ultimate goal– a toxic-free lifestyle.  I have learned so much along the way, I have even have cured myself and family members of ailments that the doctors tell you, ” I’m sorry it’s hereditary. Or it’ll never get better”. The fact that modern medicine doesn’t address the root problem, but only the symptoms let me know that our healthcare profession has failed us greatly. So, through my ongoing journey with living a healthy lifestyle. I will use this blog to educate you on emotional health, skincare health, body health, and travels. I believe the universe, our body, and mind are all one. We are no separate entity but we are all connected.

Why I Travel


Traveling is something I do often and enjoy wholeheartedly. I believe GOD created this vast land for us to explore and learn about others ways of life. In that, we gain knowledge about others, but most importantly ourselves. I believe traveling can be therapeutic if done correctly. These are my reasons for me frequenting many destinations. In this blog, you can expect to see posts from the place I go, hacks on traveling, and other topics you guys will like to see.

My Promises

♡ To be 100% transparent and authentic in my blog posts
♡ Deliver quality information you can trust
♡To not corrupt/exploit my followers for monetary gain
♡ To help + uplift the Heroine community, always